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One of Swords podcast interview

Dan Amrich just interviewed the first place winner of the Activision competition and myself over on the One of Swords podcast. Listen to the whole thing, but our part starts at 22 minutes!

Website supports comments!

and if you are reading this, i'm sure you are saying, "I don't care!"

but it does support comments now, and it has an rss feed, and even a simple little captcha system, and i wrote it all myself, so i'm happy.

Planet Smashers wins in Activision Independent Games Competition

So, I've had to sit on this news for the past month or so, and finally I am allowed to tell you. My game proposal for Planet Smashers took the second prize in Activision's Independent Games Competition! That means that I actually have funding to work now! SWEET.

What is this competition, you might ask? This is the second annual (I think?) competition in which Activision offers up $250K in prizes to two indie developers, and funds the best ideas. A lot of indies have come out in the past to rain fire on this event, claiming that Activision is just using it to steal indie idea's, and leech IP away from the little guys, but my experience so far has been nothing but positive and helpful. HUGE thanks to Actitivision!

This website has a blog now

So I finished up the new website a week or so ago, but hadn't quite figured out what I wanted to do for text updates on the site. I think it's going to be this. A simple homemade blog on the homepage.

I'd ask you what you thought of it, but I didn't implement a comment system yet. RSS next.